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Family and Friends of Pikemere School


Welcome to the Family and Friends of Pikemere School Page

Whether you’re new to Pikemere and your child is in Reception or if you’ve been with us for a while, what better way could there be to meet other parents and help fund raise by getting involved with the fun events that we hold here throughout the year?

Each year, we organise a variety of events such as end of term Discos, Bingo, Pop up gift shops, ice cream Fridays and the Christmas fair and the money we raised has gone towards funding;

•           The purchase of I-pads

•           Building of an outdoor classroom

•           Curriculum enrichments weeks like Science, Art and History

•           Subsidised school trips

•           In school Theatre Company visits

•           Playground developments

We even help out by giving each class £100 at the beginning of each year to buy extra class supplies.

We have a small core of parents who are the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary (required for charity status) and a band of other parents who help out with the organisation and smooth running of events. Inevitably each year we lose some of those parents as their children move onto the next school, so it’s key that we get new parents coming through right from Reception to take on the small task of getting involved.

The PTA (Family and Friends of Pikemere) is a forum for exchanging ideas, meeting other parents and getting to know the school. Attend the meetings throughout the year to make suggestions and provide your input or just to see what goes on.

The Committee

Chair: Mrs Zoe Harp

Treasurer: Mrs Pippa Rawlinson

Getting Involved

If you would like to get involved or see what we are up to, watch out for our regular updates on the school newsletters, catch us on the playground, message us via facebook @friendsofpikemere or speak to Mrs Sehné, our PTA teacher rep.

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