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Values and Ethos

Pikemere School is:

  • A place where learning is fun
  • A place where children are prepared for their future
  • A place where all efforts are acknowledged and celebrated
  • A place where everyone is valued and respected as an individual
  • A place where we will educate our children about equality and diversity and where we pledge to meet the needs of all our individuals
  • A place where everyone is encouraged to be part of and contribute to the community
  • A place where we encourage everyone to make healthy life choices

Philosophy And Aims

Our school philosophy begins with the needs of the child and reaches out towards the family and future. It is essential that the school should be an island of stability where a child can be secure and happy whatever social pressures exist outside. The responsibility for creating that happy, welcoming, secure environment rests with those of us who work in the school, supported by parents, governors and others who work with us to achieve these ends.

Education is life itself. We believe that our School Curriculum should reflect the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical growth. As a result of this feeling and sensitivity should develop alongside knowledge and skills and so enable every individual to be successful. We aim to achieve this by presenting appropriate learning opportunities for our children in a progressive and structured way throughout their experiences at school. We encourage children to analyse their work and reflect upon their achievements, and value the opinion of others. Children are openly encouraged to develop growing responsibility for themselves, their work and their equipment.

We believe that this philosophy will only be realised if it is developed within a happy, secure environment and in an atmosphere of trust, consideration, tolerance and care, existing between all members of the school community.

Pikemere School Alsager
We all have the same goals and when we work together we can achieve them all.