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Equal Opportunities and Equality Objectives

Chancery Trust is committed to promoting the welfare and equality of all its staff, pupils and other members of the school community.  

To achieve this, the trust has established the following objectives: 

  • To ensure that the individual needs of all pupils are met, so that any gaps in the attainment and progress of different groups of learners are narrowed.  
  • To develop pupils’ understanding of diversity and their ability to celebrate and respect others from different backgrounds and cultures within school and their wider communities. 
  • To reduce prejudice and increase understanding of equality through direct teaching across the curriculum. 
  • To maximise the inclusion of learners with Special Educational Needs in order to build their confidence as learners, promote independence and raise self-esteem. 
  • To ensure that all vacancies are filled using the principles of equal opportunities and safer recruitment

Roles and Responsibilities

The governing board of Pikemere Primary School will

  • Ensure that the school complies with the appropriate equality legislation and regulations. 
  • Ensure that the school’s policies and procedures are developed and implemented with appropriate equality impact assessments informing future plans. 
  • Ensure that the school’s Admissions Policy does not discriminate in any way. 
  • Ensure equal opportunities in its staff recruitment and promotion practices, professional development programmes and in membership of the governing board. 
  • Proactively recruit high-quality applicants from under-represented groups. 
  • Provide information in appropriate and accessible formats. 
  • Ensure that the necessary disciplinary measures are in place to enforce this policy. 

Equality Information for the Trust and a copy of the Trust’s Equality and Diversity policy can be found on the Trust’s website.

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