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At Pikemere, teachers plan experiences, which allow children to gain an understanding of scientific processes and an understanding of the uses and implications of science in everyday life. We want them to understand the world we live in, discovering Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We want to develop and nurture inquisitive minds and equip them with the skills in order to find answers to their questions. Our goal is to promote a whole school love for science and enable children’s ability to question the world around them, opening up their minds to a world beyond what they already know, and to inspire children to become scientists of the future.


We provide weekly science lessons, which are carefully sequenced to allow children to develop the knowledge and skills they need to discover why things happen and how they work.  

Our KS1 and KS2 curriculum teaches to the outcomes set out within the National Curriculum, and EYFS learn through areas such as ‘Understanding The World’ set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Throughout each unit of work, children will have opportunities to work scientifically. In science lessons throughout the school, our children will use the five types of scientific enquiry:

Observation over time

Pattern seeking

Identifying, classifying and grouping

Comparative and fair testing

Research using secondary sources

Children at Pikemere will:

  • Build on prior knowledge and understanding
  • Experience a range of lessons, offering an abundance of practical opportunities
  • Explore the world around them by having opportunities to work in our outdoor spaces, such as the forest area
  • Make predictions, ask questions, make observations, set up investigations and test theories
  • Develop scientific vocabulary in Science lessons and the wider curriculum
  • Be provided with chances to work scientifically
  • Have weekly lessons for theoretical and practical enquiry
  • Be given opportunities to work scientifically
  • Take part in National Science Week sharing their learning within the whole school and the wider community
  • Have the opportunity to attend educational visits and/or have workshops within our school environment


How will our Science curriculum have an impact on the children at Pikemere?

  • Children will build a wider bank of high quality vocabulary that they can apply in a range of situations
  • Children will have a wide variety of skills linked to scientific knowledge, skills and enquiry
  • Children will demonstrate a curiosity by working scientifically and wanting to find answers to their own questions
  • Children will develop an understanding of the world around them, with an awareness of the specific strands of biology, chemistry and physics
  • They will be well prepared, skills-wise, for the next stage of their education
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My child has always enjoyed Pikemere School and she wants to stay forever so that shows how well the school does in making the children feel happy and safe. I feel she couldn’t have gone to a better school.