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Purpose · To understand the world that we live in through Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
· To learn to explain the world around them through scientific enquiry and posing questions.
· To develop and nurture inquisitive minds and to equip the children with skills in order to find answers to their questions.
Process · Building on prior knowledge and understanding
· Progress of skills through basic, advancing and deep understanding
· Weekly lessons for theoretical and practical enquiry.
· Opportunities to work scientifically
· Opportunities to make predictions and test theories.
· Develop scientific vocabulary, explanations and equipment
· Take part in National Science Week
· Educational visits
· Provide opportunities to observe, experience and develop understanding
Product · Demonstrate a curiosity by working scientifically and wanting to find answers to their own questions.
· Develop an understanding of the world around them which will develop into the specific strands of biology, chemistry and physics in their later education.
· Be well-prepared, skills-wise, for the next stage of their education.
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