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Religious Education

Purpose· To encounter and respond to different religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism).
· To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
· To develop traits of; enthusiasm, curiosity, reflection, respect and tolerance.
Process· Clear and purposeful teaching using the learning intentions from the Cheshire East syllabus.
· Encourage links with the local churches to support assemblies and class teaching.
· Arrange church visits to support learning e.g. Christening.
· KS2 Christmas carol concert using a religious story.
· Use artefacts and religious clips (My world, my religion).
· Invite religious visitors to support learning.
· Include practical activities such as drama and art.
· Discuss key vocabulary for each religion.
· Have a clear knowledge and understanding of the Key Stage statements.
Product· Understand the key beliefs and values of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism.
· Able to explore ‘big questions’ and compare key aspects of different religions.
· Have an enthusiasm and tolerance of the world around them.
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