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Physical Education

Purpose· Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
· Be physically active
· Engage in competitive sports and activities
· Lead healthy, active lives
Process· One hour of PE per week delivered by class teacher
· One hour of PE per week delivered by sports coaches
· Daily break and lunchtime activities available for all children
· Weekly entry to Level 2 competitions with other local schools
· 30 minutes per day of physical activity (laps of playground before lunch, lunchtime activity rota)
· Class activity box for wet play
· 30 minutes swimming instruction for 10 weeks in the summer term for all children in Years 4, 5 and 6
· Half termly intra-school sports competition
· Annual sports festival (sports week)
· Sports ambassador leadership session (weekly)
· Bronze Leadership sessions in partnership with Alsager Community Trust
· Engagement with Premier League Primary Stars, (Stoke City FC) and other community based coaches and groups
Product· Competence in a wide range of sports ranging from Gymnastics to Tag Rugby
· Experience of sportsmanship in competitive situations
· Knowledge of rules, regulations and fairplay
· Preparation for children to lead a healthy, active lifestyle through daily physical activity
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