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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Purpose· Read fluently
· Write imaginatively
· Speak confidently
· Understand the culture of the countries in which the language is being spoken
Process· Children are taught French from Year 3 upwards by a Specialist MFL Teacher, using National Curriculum objectives
· A variety of techniques, including games and singing, are used to actively engage children in their learning
· Children are taught to know and understand how to: ask and answer questions, use correct pronunciation and intonation, memorise words, interpret meaning, understand basic grammar, use dictionaries, work in pairs and groups, to communicate in French and explore life in another culture.
· Key Stage 1 pupils are offered a Spanish after-school club
· A range of resources are used, including Early Start DVDs, ipads and other ICT
· A subscription to Linguascope provides online language learning opportunities for use in school and at home
· Pikmere Primary School works in partnership with a school in Zaragoza, exchanging penpal letters, culture boxes and videos
· Across the school children learn about and celebrate different cultures within our curriculum
Product· Pupils leave Pikemere School having made substantial progress in understanding spoken and written French and also in expressing themselves through speaking and writing French.
· Pupils are able to appreciate the cultural differences between the UK and France.
· Pupils have had the opportunity to learn some Spanish and to learn about life in Spain through our partnership with a school in Zaragoza (many maintain contact with their Spanish pen pals after leaving our school)
· Our curriculum provides a solid foundation in preparation for further foreign language teaching at Key Stage 3.
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Pikemere is a brilliant School. Everyone works together – pupils and teachers.