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Purpose · To cultivate a spirit of enquiry and foster a love of history
· To enable understanding of the chronology of historical events and appreciate the relationship between some aspects of history
· To develop skills in order to interpret available evidence and communicate this using historical vocabulary
Process · History week
· Visitors from the community/school trips
· Celebrate anniversaries of key historical events, understanding how they impact our lives
· Timelines around/outside the classroom
· Use a variety of sources including artefacts, letters, eye-witness accounts, videos etc
· Be encouraged to question the validity of sources
· Historical vocabulary used and displayed around the classroom
Product · Understand the chronology of significant events in world and · British history and their place within it
· Have the knowledge, skills and vocabulary to investigate and interpret the past
· Evaluate historical sources wisely and assess their reliability and validity
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A great sense of community and team spirit.
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