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Purpose · To foster a love and understanding of our local environment and the world beyond.
· To understand how human processes and physical processes interact, and the effect they have on the human and physical environment.
· To develop and nurture inquisitive minds and to equip the children with skills in order to find answers to their questions.
Process· Regular fieldwork opportunities, making use of community links and local expertise
· Residentials
· Read and make maps
· Have access to different kinds of maps in the classroom and on the wall with geographical vocabulary displayed
· Use classroom maps to make links to different subjects
· Be aware and encourage discussion of current affairs through the use of BBC Newsround, Geographical Association or Royal Geographical Society
· Take part in charity events, raising awareness and empathy of global issues
Product· Understand the cause and effect of different physical and human processes – how their actions affect the world around them and those who live in it.
· View themselves as global citizens
· Have a thirst for knowledge and be well prepared , skills-wise, for the next stage of their education
Pikemere School Alsager
I love Pikemere School because the Teachers and TA’s are nice and helpful. Whenever you are upset they will talk to you – whatever it is.