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Purpose · To inspire a love of cultural knowledge and understanding of our local environment and the world beyond
· To understand how human processes and physical processes interact, and the effect they have on the human and physical environment
· To develop and nurture inquisitive minds and to equip the children with skills in order to find answers to their geographical questions
. To develop a broad locational knowledge and helping to establish a sense of identity and place in our world
ProcessOur curriculum is designed to include:
· regular fieldwork opportunities, making use of community links and local expertise
· opportunities for residential visits for different year groups
· specific lessons on reading and making maps at different scales
· access to different kinds of maps in the classroom and on the wall with topic appropriate geographical vocabulary displayed
· use of classroom maps to make links to different subjects
· an awareness of current affairs through the use of BBC Newsround, Geographical Association or Royal Geographical Society and discussions to encourage curiosity about the world and global current events
· opportunities to take part in charity events, raising awareness and empathy of global issues
Product· Understand the cause and effect of different physical and human processes – how their actions affect the world around them and those who live in it and how to make a positive contribution
· View themselves as global citizens and to question human behaviour in order to sustain and improve the environment
· Have a thirst for knowledge and be well prepared , skills-wise, for the next stage of their education

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