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Purpose· To equip pupils with secure reading and writing skills in order to successfully access all areas of the curriculum and further learning
· To nurture a life-long habit of reading for pleasure
· To enable pupils to successfully converse with others through a secure command of the spoken word
Process· Securing speech and language foundations as the basis of all English learning
· Extending pupils’ understanding of a range of vocabulary, across all curriculum subjects
· Systematic, phonics based reading foundations that ensure that pupils learn to read fluently and quickly in order to access all other learning
· Inspiring, high quality texts
· Writing, reading and grammatical skills taught explicitly and revisited on a regular basis, and in a variety of contexts, across the curriculum
· Scaffolding and modelling
· Clear ‘Purpose, Process and Product (polished pieces)’
· Redrafting and editing embedded and taught regularly
· Vocabulary emphasis in all subjects
· Spoken language and listening skills
· Spelling rules and root word derivation explicitly taught
Product· Pupils can effectively communicate their ideas and interpret those of others in a broad range of social situations and curriculum subjects
· They are able to select and enjoy a range of reading material for both pleasure and learning
· Pupils are prepared for the next transition in their education by possessing the English skills required to access further learning

We use the Rising Stars Reading Planet books for children to practise reading words containing the phonic sounds that they have learned, together with recognising non-decodeable, tricky words. The books are closely matched to our Phonics scheme, ‘Letters and Sounds’, which enables children to successfully apply their knowledge of segmenting and blending.

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My child has always enjoyed Pikemere School and she wants to stay forever so that shows how well the school does in making the children feel happy and safe. I feel she couldn’t have gone to a better school.