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Purpose· To evaluate and analyse the works of great artists, in order to take inspiration to use in their individual work
· To develop their ideas and record their experiences creatively
· To master techniques in order to become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and designs
Process· Development of individual sketch book, to record their observations and ideas
· Experiment with a variety of techniques to develop their mastery of skills
· Teaching of technical vocabulary e.g. tone/ cross-hatching/ abstract etc
· Link art work to a featured artist: looking at context, techniques and final pieces
· Annotate art works: recording and reflecting on style and techniques
· Create individual final pieces, linked to their interpretation of the chosen artist’s work
· Cross-curricular links made wherever possible, including class trips to galleries
Product· Nurture artistic appreciation and extend pupils’ knowledge and understanding of all genres of Art
· Understand the artistic process through a variety of media
· Confidently use a range of techniques and skills to individually express themselves creatively
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