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Year 1 Autumn Term 2023

Welcome to Year 1 and Key Stage One!

A very warm welcome to the Autumn Term at Pikemere and a brand new class! On this page you will find all the information that you need, ready to start school on Tuesday 5th September.

Our learning will begin at 8:45am, where we will come into school through the Key Stage One corridor entrance, ready to learn all about our new routines and environment. We can’t wait to see everyone and start our new class!

Meet the team!

Mrs Johnson Class Teacher

Miss Raiswell Class Teacher

Mrs Robbins
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Weetman
Teaching Assistant

Weekly Timetable

Curriculum Web for Year 1, Autumn term

Things you need for Year 1

  • Labelled uniform
  • A labelled water bottle
  • A book bag (as in EYFS)
  • Children will need to come to school in their PE kits on Tuesday and Thursday

Children will store their book bags in their trays in the classroom (please do not attach large key rings to bags as these prevent trays from closing)


Your child will be given a Pikemere Planner. This replaces the yellow reading record books of EYFS and is used to record any reading at both school and home.

It is important that your child brings their planner to school everyday so that adults can record any reading that has taken place during the school day.

Please keep your child’s reading books tucked inside their planners as these will be taken them out of their bag each day for reading sessions.

Little Wandle Phonics

Reading in Year 1

Across Key Stage 1 we follow a very similiar routine to EYFS with regards to reading books. Your child will come home with:

  • A ‘Big Cat, Little Wandle’ reading book. Your child will have read this book at least 3 times in the week within a group reading session. By the time the reading book comes home, they should be able to read it with 95% fluency. The key purpose of practising the book at home is to increase reading confidence and embed the skills that have been learned throughout the week at school. It may appear that the book is too easy, or that your child has learned it by rote, but this sharing time is a vital part of the process and allows the children to celebrate their successes as readers.
  • An additional reading book which has been closely matched to the level of the ‘Big Cat’ book.

Your child’s reading books will be changed once a week and are closely monitored, as informed by Phonics and reading assessments throughout the school year.

Reading for pleasure is also an invaluable life skill, therefore we would always encourage a varied diet of books! There is so much to discover through stories and non-fiction texts to nurture a love of reading!

Our school day

Our day starts at 08:45am. Our class will come in through the Key Stage 1 door to hang up our coats and then walk through to the classroom. The entrance door will close at 08.55am. The children will leave at 3:15pm, through the same door on to the Key Stage 1 playground.

As in EYFS, please let staff know if someone different will be collecting your child on a particular day, so that we can ensure that everyone goes home safely. There are lots of parents, carers and relatives to quickly get to know, so please bear with us!

  • Welcome/Start of the day activity/ register
  • Little Wandle phonics session
  • Assembly time & reading groups
  • Maths
  • Break time
  • English
  • Lunch
  • Reading for Pleasure
  • Afternoon subjects: Science/R.E/PSHE/History etc.
  • Story time

PE will take place on a Tuesday afternoon with Mrs Johnson, as well as on Thursday afternoon with Mr Ollier.

Your outdoor PE kit…

As noted above, our PE days are on a Tuesday and Thursday. Children are to come to school in their PE kits and will need their water bottles. Please ensure that all PE jumpers are clearly labelled. Remember that we will be doing PE outside for most of our sessions, so please bring a coat to school everyday- you never know what the weather will do next!

Long hair to be tied up on PE days
Pikemere PE polo shirt

Year 1 English


Now that you are in Year 1 you will have a brand new homework book! Every Friday there will be a piece of homework stuck into your book for you to complete. This is a chance for you to show your grown-ups at home how brilliant you are at doing Year 1 work!

Homework should be brought back in by the following Wednesday. An adult will remind you to take your homework book out of your bag and will help you find the shelf to put it on.

MyMaths homework will be set every Wednesday, to be returned the following Monday. To access the tasks you will need to log on to your account, as detailed in the MyMaths username and password letter that will be sent home in the first week of the Autumn Term.

For extra maths at home, you can also log on to your Numbots account. Logins for Numbots were sent home in Butterflies, however if you require another copy of your login then please let the Year 1 staff know.

Maths games online:

Pikemere School Alsager
We all have the same goals and when we work together we can achieve them all.