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FS1 – Preschool (Caterpillars)

Welcome to a new year, Caterpillars!

A big welcome to Preschool at Pikemere School! This Autumn Term, we are delighted to welcome all of our new starters, as well as last year’s Sunflower class. Together, we will become the Caterpillar class for September 2023, with lots of great hands-on learning and development ahead of us!

Meet the Preschool Team

Miss Rushton-Teacher-Wednesday-Friday

Mrs Forster-Teacher-Monday-Wednesday

Mrs Rogers-Teaching Assistant

Miss Wright-Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jeavons-Teaching Assistant

Mrs Warburton-Teaching Assistant

Autumn Term Overview

A key priority this term is also to develop our relationships with yourselves, as parents and carers. Your child’s school journey benefits enormously through working in partnership together. We would love to regularly share any contributions that you would like to make about family life on Tapestry and welcome you in to class on a weekly basis as a ‘Mystery Reader’. If you feel that this is something that you would like to do, or if there are other ways that you could contribute to school life in our Preschool Class, please let us know.

Things to consider…

-Please ensure that we have an up-to-date password for collecting your child. Over time, we will get to know parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, however initially, please do not be offended if we ask for a password when collecting after school. Safeguarding is always our upmost priority

-Our PE day is Thursday, where we will enjoy a range of activities in the morning with Mr Ollier. If your child would like to come to school in a PE kit, they are more than welcome. Please note, a uniformed Pikemere PE kit is not essential in Preschool.

-Name labels are an essential part of school life! Belongings can get lost very quickly when unlabelled, as many classmates have the same items such as jumpers, cardigans, water bottles and lunch boxes. If in doubt, label it!

We are a nut-free school, with members of our community with serious nut allergies. Please be aware of this when preparing packed lunches, such as peanut butter sandwiches and Picnic style snack bars.

How you can help at home

-Starting Preschool is great fun, but can also be very tiring! A good bedtime routine and plenty of sleep is great preparation for a jam-packed day with new friends.

-Talk about new routines and friendships. It is perfectly normal to feel unsure about changes until we have completed several days of the same events- realising that our family will be there again at the end of the day can take a little while. With patience and trusting relationships, any uncertainty usually settles very quickly. We pride ourselves on our partnerships with our parents and will always let you know if your child is unsettled and upset after you have dropped them off. Usually after 5 minutes or so they are happily playing, whilst as parents we continue to worry!

We will be using Tapestry as a form of communication between school and home. Sometimes we may ask you to share some photos or an activity that your child may have done at home. We will use this as a talking point at school and for the children to share their experiences with their peers. We will also share photos on Tapestry of the children for you to see what they’re getting up to whilst they’re busy at school. You can then use this to talk to your child at home about what they enjoy doing at school and who they might be interacting with.

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