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British Science Week 2022

This week the children at Pikemere have all completed work around ‘What is a scientist?’, and have all completed research around a particular person who has worked within the industry. Each class are currently creating pieces of work to display at our ‘Pikemere Science Museum’, where each class will have the opportunity to walk around the school hall and share their work with each other.

The theme for this year’s science week is ‘Growth’. We have found a selection of activities that children would be able to complete at home, making this their homework for this week. If children would like to photograph, share their findings or create a small display of what they have done at home, they can bring this into school for Friday 1st April. They can then share their experiments, photographs and displays with the rest of the school.

At Pikemere we want to embed a love of science and open up their minds to the world around them. By asking children to have a look at science home we are hoping to allow children to recongise that science investigations can take place all around us, not just in school.

Below are a selection of activities the children may want to explore at home:

Early Years

Discovery bags- Take a bag and fill with twigs, leaves and sticks. Get children to think about where they have all come from. Do all trees look the same? Can you see any trees? For more info, click here and go to page 10

Plant detectives– Talk to children about where you might find plants growing. Question, where might they be? Where’s the strangest place you’ve found a plant growing? For more info, click here, go to page 11

Cardboard building shapes– Do you have any boxes that you are throwing away? Cut them up into pieces and work with your child to cut slits into each piece and slot together. How high can it go? Which shapes are the best to make your tower even taller? For more info, click here, go to page 14

Key Stage 1

Do all of our bodies grow as we get older? Draw some of your family members hands onto some cardboard and cut them out. What can you write to answer the question above. Can you do the same with feet?!

Wonderful worms- Worms are incredible recycling engineers, creating super soil for everything that grows, including trees, flowers and all the foods we eat. In this activity, you will use your senses to explore the soil in your garden, or local park and learn about the hidden world of wonderful, working worms. Click for more info, pages 28 and 29

Stretchy slime experiment– How big can your slime grow? In this activity, you will use your engineering skills to investigate what factors affect how stretchy slime is and record your findings. You can then use your mathematical findings to compare how stretchy your slime is compared to other stretchy items such as an elastic band. Click here for more info, go to page 38

Key Stage 2

Grow an onion- Follow the instructions here

Surviving on Mars- What do you know about Mars? Could you design a creature that could survive there? Make it! Build it! Sculpt it! How could your Martian animal be different to an animal on Earth? click here for more info, go to page 17

Glorious mud- Healthy soil is important for plants to grow. Did you know that there are different particles that make up soil? In this activity, you will investigate on the texture of the soil in your garden through the help of these particles. Click for more info, go to page 33

Remember, take plenty of photographs and bring them in to share for Friday 1st April 2022! We can’t wait to see you do science at home!

If you would like to look at all activities recommended for British Science week, please click on the appropriate links:

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